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What is a Rent-To-Own?

A Rent-To-Own, also known as a lease purchase is when a Tenant/Buyer leases the Sellers property for a specified period of time and then has the option of purchasing the Sellers property before the end of the lease agreement. You the Seller will always get full asking price without you having to pay any commissions or fees.These Tenant/Buyers will also give you full market value for your house and pay full market rent during the lease period. In addition, these Tenant / Buyers will always take excellent care of the property because it is their intentions to purchase the property within 12-24 months. These Tenant Buyers are also required to put down a non-refundable option deposit of 3-7% of the purchase price.Most importantly, our service does not cost you the seller anything, we are paid by the Buyer. Please watch the video below that explains the entire process:

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Home Zone LLC is a Real Estate Investment Company that speacializes in Rent-To-Own Homes. We are the bridge between sellers that can not sell their properties and buyers that can not own their homes.We are Not Realtors and we are not associated with any Brokerage Firms.

We specialize in creating win-win solutions for sellers. In fact, we can often give the seller a choice of ways we can buy their house.

No matter what reason you have for selling, no matter what condition the property is in, and no matter when you would like to close, we can almost always provide a fast solution. It's what we do.

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Simply fill out the online form, a link to which is below, and we will evaluate your property and provide you with an offer without delay. The sooner you tell us about your property, the sooner you can be relieved of the stress the property may be creating for you.

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Welcome to Home Zone LLC. We are a Real Estate Investment Firm providing win-win solutions for people who need to sell their property.

Since every house and personal situation is different, we carefully evaluate the details and then, if we are able to buy your property, we will provide you with one or more solutions for you to choose from.

  • We can close on the date of your choice, so if you need to settle quickly, we're able. If you would prefer to know that you have your house "sold" than wait to settle for any reason what-so-ever, we're able.

  • We can stop foreclosure

  • We can make up back payments

  • We can take over your payment and relieve you of the stress

  • We can pay cash for your property

  • We buy as-is so you won't need to do any repairs

  • We buy in any price range in any area

Please fill out and submit our short, simple questionnaire here so that we can evaluate your situation immediately. A solution is at your finger tips!

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When you deal with us, we handle all of the paperwork. We skip over the usual inspections and snags, so we can close at a mutually agreeable time. Plus, we have our funding lined up and ready to go before we even discuss your house. We are professionals and know how to navigate the transaction process with the least amount of hassle or time wasted.

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